Bicycle tours

Bicycling along the Moselle, but also in the Eifel or Hunsrück is a special experience. Varied landscapes paired with historical towns and places are popular destinations for excursions. Of course, it is particularly attractive to ride a route by bicycle and back by boat on the Moselle. Inquire at the reception about the most beautiful routes that you can combine with a boat trip.

Star Tour around Cochem – Tour 1

The Moselle Cycle Route follows the Moselle in all its twists and turns and a wide variety of landscapes, mostly close to the banks. Today’s tour takes you from Cochem via Bremm back to Cochem.

Moselle Cycle Route Stage 9

This stage of the Moselle Cycle Route leads past medieval castles. Here you can combine cycling with hiking and use the intermediate stops to visit the castles located along the cycle path.

Star Tour around Cochem – Tour 3

The Schinderhannes-Untertermosel cycle path connects the front Hunsrück with the Untermosel via paths far from traffic. Its additional name “cycle path with a view” makes it clear that on its way from Emmelshausen via Gondershausen, Mermuth, Beulich and Morshausen, wide views over the Hunsrück to the volcanic cones of the Eifel mountains are possible.

Moselle Cycle Route Stage 8

The highlights of this stage of the Moselle Cycle Route include the steepest vineyard in Europe – the Calmont – with the idyllic wine village of Bremm, as well as Beilstein, known as the “Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle” due to its idyllic alleyways and half-timbered buildings worth seeing.