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In addition to the Reichsburg, Cochem also offers a number of beautiful excursion destinations and sights. The historic old town alone is worth a visit.

Reichsburg Cochem

The late Gothic building with its incomparable outline rises more than 100 m above the Moselle on a striking cone. The outer contour of the towering mountain seems to be continued in the building and culminates in the slate roof of the massive tower. The building’s structural condition places it in the type of hilltop castles which, due to the terrain, were set up for all-round defence …

Bundesbank Bunker Cochem

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Bundesbank Bunker.
For decades it was one of the best-kept secrets of the old Federal Republic: the bunker of the German Bundesbank in Cochem.
Hidden between the slopes of the Moselle in the middle of a tranquil residential area, 15 billion DM of a substitute currency were stored there – top secret and for more than two decades.

Gemstone Museum Cochem

In the middle of the old town centre, just behind the historic cutting workshops, you will find the Gemstone Museum. Gemstones, minerals and fossils from the region, from Germany and from all over the world are exhibited here. Learn more about Eifel volcanism, to which the Eastern Eifel in particular owes its precious gemstones. One admission ticket entitles you to visit both the historical cutting workshops and the gemstone museum!

Moselland Museum

On four floors with a total of approx. 1,600 m² of exhibition space, the visitor is offered a nostalgic experience of the “Good Old Days”. On display are exhibits from village life in the 1950s and 1960s on the topics: “In the Winemaker’s House”, “Blacksmith’s Shop”, “Grape Press” and “School” as well as the centrepiece of the exhibition, the more than 20 historic tractors …

Cochem Old Town

The numerous well-preserved remains of the historic town wall with its old fortifications still bear witness to Cochem’s lively past, such as the Endert Gate with the former gatekeeper’s dwelling dating from 1332, the defence tower with the Balduin Gate on the Kirchhofmauer-Obergasse and the Burgfrieden Gate with battlements …


The small town of Cochem forms the centre of the holiday region on the Moselle between Bremm and Moselkern. The majestic Reichsburg castle with its towers and battlements dominates the townscape from almost every perspective. Little lanes leading to the medieval market square, the lively Moselle promenade with its cafés …