How to find us

Registration form

To make it easier for you to register with us, we have stored the registration form required by the city of Cochem here in digital form.

You can fill out the registration form directly online, print it out and bring it with you on the day of arrival.


Anfahrt Hotel Villa Tummelchen

Important note for users of navigation systems and route planners

Your navigation system is probably guiding you through roads that are closed for seasonal reasons. Therefore, please do not enter the address of our house as the destination address, but be sure to follow the instructions for traveling by car and motorbike, which you also have can be found further down on this page. Otherwise you may be misdirected! If you have any questions during your arrival, our reception will be happy to help you at any time.  +49 (0) 2671 – 910520

How to find us

Arrival by car or bicycle

The medieval town center of Cochem is a pedestrian zone during the day. However, passage for our guests is officially approved on the shortest and easiest route:
You drive on the Moselle promenade (B49) to house number 16a. There is the “Belmondo” gift and tea shop. Here you drive into Zollstraße (Approval of passage for cars and motorcycles). After a few meters you cross Herrenstraße and Schloßstraße begins (increasing). Follow this until you reach the entrance to Villa Tummelchen on the right after about 150 m. We recommend that you reverse your car up our driveway.

The parking spaces are above our house and are secured with bollards. You will receive the key for the bollards with your room key. We will explain directions to the parking spaces and the short walk back to our house when you greet us.

If, contrary to expectations, you cannot find the entrance to our hotel, call us on the telephone number. (02671-910520). We would be happy to guide you from the Moselle promenade by telephone to us at Schloßstraße 22.

Guests with bicycles are welcome to park and lock them safely in the garage (free of charge and subject to availability).

Charging batteries

Danger of fire!
E-bike batteries are only charged in our garage.

When charging batteries in the room, you assume liability for any damage caused.

Symbol Batteries for e-bikes are only stored and charged in the garage.

Arrival by motorcycle

Proven tip: We particularly and expressly advise bikers to approach our house “from above”.

It is easier for motorcyclists to enter our yard if they come from “above”.
Entrance into Zollstrasse – extension into Schloßstrasse, follow the road past Villa Tummelchen to the terrace café Schloßbergcafe.
Here you have a good opportunity to turn around and drive down Schloßstraße from above to the courtyard entrance to Villa Tummelchen.

Directions plan

The GPS coordinates of our house:
Decimal degrees: N 50.143579 – E 7.165912(format “DD.DDD ”) degrees, minutes decimal: N 50°08.614′ – E 07°09.954′ (format “DD MM.MMM”) Degrees, minutes, seconds: N 50°08’36.88″ – E 07° 09’57.28″(format “DD MM SS”)

Parking options for motorcycles are in the garage (free of charge and subject to availability) or in the video-monitored yard.

Service for all your luggage

You are welcome to leave your luggage ee.g. B.send to us via a door-to-door luggage service , we will be happy to take your luggage to the post office to return it on your journey home.

For touring cyclists, we can organize the luggage transfer from the previous or to the next destination. Check whether it is cheaper for you to ship your luggage instead of checking it in as an expensive additional piece of luggage. You can compare the prices of the post office and Hermes on the following pages:

Arrival with Deutsche Bahn

Cochem is on the Koblenz – Trier railway line, with ICE, InterCity, RegionalExpress and RegionalBahn stops. There are through trains, for example: B. also from/to Berlin, Bonn, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hanover, Cologne, Cologne/Bonn Airport, Luxembourg, Münster, Norddeich, Saarbrücken.

You can book your train journey to Cochem (Mosel) via book . We recommend the EurailPass from RAILEUROPE™ to our guests from countries outside of Europe for their journey through Europe. With the Eurailpass you can travel unbeatably cheaply. Detailed information can be found on the RAILEUROPE™ homepage.

After your arrival you will find a taxi rank at the exit of Cochem train station. If you would like a pickup from the train station, please contact us in good time. In many cases we can collect you and/or your luggage there with our own vehicle. This also applies to the return transport on your departure.

Arrival by plane

Very close (43 km) to Cochem is the Hunsrück Airport Frankfurt-Hahn, currently famous for its inexpensive flights with Ryanair and other low-cost airlines.
But four important international airports are also not far away: Cologne-Bonn (110 km), Luxembourg (130 km), Frankfurt Rhein-Main (144 km) and Düsseldorf (159 km).

The AirportShuttle Mosel runs from Hahn Airport to Cochem. From the other airports you can reach Cochem by train or rental car. Get advice from your travel agency.

If you are traveling to Frankfurt Hahn Airport by plane, we will provide you with detailed information about the shuttle service from the airport to Cochem.