Motorcycle and the Moselle – a wonderful combination

The motorcycle tours right and left of the Mosel are the motorcycle highlights par excellence. Cruise comfortably along the Mosel, then enjoy the Eifel and Hunsrück with an almost alpine feeling. Otherwise there is no better change in the whole of Germany. To the left of the Mosel, i.e. in the Eifel, it went quite violently before a geological very short time, approx. 10,000 years. Through huge volcanic eruptions, nature formed a unique landscape that invites us today to ride a motorbike.

Explore the Hunsrück by motorbike

If you have already explored the Eifel, there is still the Hunsrück, which offers at least as much for passionate motorcyclists.

Tours through the Eifel

Cochem borders on two low mountain ranges which enclose the narrow Moselle valley. One is the Eifel, which offers you numerous motorbike tours, and the other is the Hunsrück, which is described below.

Along the Moselle

Enjoy the great views along the Moselle: find out here what options there are for motorbike tours along the Moselle. Why not send us your tours so that we can recommend you to other guests!

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