Hiking routes on the Moselsteig and side leaps

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As a hiker you are exactly right with us. In Cochem and the surrounding area there are numerous beautiful hiking trails and routes both for dignified hikers who are looking for recreation and for sporty-ambitious hikers who are looking for a challenge. We would like to present to you the most beautiful of these routes. For our guests we have extensive information material, useful and interesting tips ready. A special service of our house: We fill your backpack with delicious and healthy hiking provisions – arranged according to your individual wishes.

The Apollo Trail Valwig on the Moselle

Experience a hiking trail with impressive views and rare heat-loving plants and animals, rugged cliffs, vineyard terraces and gentle plateau of the Moselle trough. The rare Apollo butterfly, a species of butterfly native to this area, has given the trail its name.

The Calmont via ferrata

Adventure in the steepest vineyard in Europe. The trail leads over ladders past striking rock spurs. Steel ropes give you a foothold when crossing a rocky ridge. Enjoy the magnificent panorama between the towns of Bremm and Ediger-Eller with a view of the Stuben monastery ruins on the narrowest and most beautiful Moselle bend.

BREVA Wine & Trail

The nature experience is a 3.1 km long hiking trail that leads through the middle of the steep Valwiger Herrenberg vineyard. The path was created by many volunteers from all over the village in painstaking manual labour. It was dug into the mountain in consideration of the natural conditions.

Moselsteig Section 19: Cochem – Treis-Karden

The Moselsteig is very varied here, offering worthwhile detours, e.g. to a gushing waterfall in the Dortebach Valley nature reserve with its exotic-looking microclimate or to one of the many places to stop for refreshments in the idyllic wine villages along the way …

Adventure trail “In the valley of the wild Endert”.

A hike through the valley of the “Wilden Endert” offers a very original experience of nature. The stream of the same name, on whose banks 34 mills once worked, stands for the wild and romantic side valley of the Moselle.

Moselsteig side hike Cochem Knight’s Circuit

This side trail leads from Cochem up in serpentines to the Pinnerkreuz vantage point. From there, the trail continues on level ground to Wackelei, from where you can see the Moselle with the town of Cochem and Reichsburg Castle as well as the ruins of Winneburg Castle. Then you cross the Endert valley to finally climb up to the Winneburg ruins …

The city experience in Cochem

The Moselle metropolis of Cochem offers hikers a number of circular routes and walks to get to know the medieval town below the Reichsburg.

Moselsteig Side Trail Leiermannspfad

This legendary side trail leads past old mills through mystical forests to the heights of Starkenburg and over award-winning vineyards. If you believe in sagas and legends, you may also meet the Leiermann vom Ahringsbach.

The Moselkrampen Experience Trail

On varied paths and trails through the vineyards, the fallow land, the forest and the small Moselle villages, the hiking trail connects the wine villages of Ellenz-Poltersdorf, Ernst, Bruttig-Fankel and Beilstein.

Beilstein – Cochem

Anyone who has mastered this stage and its numerous steep slopes can understand the effort involved in viticulture on the Moselle. The rocky paths along the edge of the slope require some sure-footedness, but offer unforgettable views over the Moselle over long stretches.